Landlords Guide To Letting And Management

Deciding which Agent to instruct to let your property can for some Landlords be a very daunting thought. 
As a homeowner or Investment Landlord who has taken care and pride in their property, you want to ensure that your Letting Agent will find Tenants that will continue to maintain the property to the highest possible standard as well as pay their rental on time and in full.

We would be pleased to visit your property, with no obligation or cost, and provide you with a rental assessment which will take into consideration such factors of location, size and condition and will make any suggestions that we feel are appropriate to maximise the property letting potential.

We offer two levels of services, Letting Only or Full Property Management as detailed below.

Let Only

This suitable to you if you wish to manage your property yourself, deal with any repairs required and supervised the tenancy. Under these service we provide the following:

  • Prepare particulars of the property and rental value  

  • Extensive marketing of the property

  • Acquiring references and carrying out credit checks

  • Inform the Landlords of Safety Regulation and rental guide to adhere to

  • Prepare the Tenancy Agreement 

  • Collect the first month's rental in advance

  • Collect a security deposit (Landlords will need to deposit this in there choose Deposit Scheme)

  • Advise the Tenants of the procedures to transfer all utilities

Full Property Management 

Under this service you can relax and leave the whole supervision of the tenancy to ourselves.

  • Professional photographic inventories

  • Extensive marketing of the property

  • Find a Tenant

  • Arranging accompanied viewing with potential tenants

  • Acquiring references and carrying out credit checks

  • Carrying out periodic inspection and report to the Landlord

  • Liaising between Landlord and Tenant

  • Supervise that the Tenant(s) comply with the Terms of the Tenancy Agreement signed

  • Organising gas safety and EPC inspections

  • Prompt rental collection by standing order mandate

  • Transfer of all utilities

  • Providing landlords with monthly statement

  • Arranging maintenance requirements in accordance with landlord instructions

  • Review rental values and renewal of tenancies

Letting My Property- What shuold I Do

Ask K2K Properties to visit and advise you of the rental value and letting procedures. This service is completely without obligation. 

Once You Have Decided To Let Your Property

Notify your Building Society of your intention to let your home confirming that you propose to appoint K2K Properties as your Managing Agents.
  1. Notify your Insurance Company (structure and contents) that your property is to be let.
  2. Any major repairs done should be completed before the letting.
  3. All exterior paintwork and woodwork should be checked and renovated where necessary along with all guttering, rainwater pipes and gulleys.
  4. Internal redecoration should be carried out where necessary in order to assist in the letting and facilitate future management. Poor quality decorations invite a poor response from prospective and actual tenants. For this reason we consider it unwise to replace good furniture with cheap second hand furniture for the letting period, and remember, your furniture will have to comply with the latest Fire Regulations.
  5. Overhaul all items of equipment, e.g. washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, central heating boiler and lawn mower prior to the letting. This will avoid any unnecessary expenditure at a later stage. Take out service contracts on all eligible items of equipment.
  6. Leave a detailed list of appliance operating instructions, mentioning any idiosyncrasies that the tenants need to know.
  7. Items of sentimental or monetary value should be removed or stored during your absence. Close off a box room or suitable cupboard for storage, if necessary. A few pictures and ornaments should be left to give a homely touch to the property.
  8. We recommend that any electrical appliances such as toasters, food mixers, microwaves, TVs, music centres, etc be removed as these will not be the tenant’s responsibility if they break down (other than negligence which can be difficult to prove). It is essential that maintenance agreements be made where these items are left.
  9. All carpets and curtains should be left clean. We recommend that all mattresses be protected by covers. Please do not leave pillows, duvets or cushions unless fire labelled.
  10. If offered furnished, adequate crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils should be provided, also an iron and ironing board.
  11. Gardens should be in a well kept condition and fences checked to ensure that they are sound and will remain so during your absence. A serviced lawn mower and adequate garden tools should be provided. Alternatively, a garden maintenance contractor should be engaged for the period of the letting.
  12. Arrange with your Bank to settle all final accounts including BT, prior to your departure by having the final account from BT sent direct to your bank.
  13. Contact the Ground Rent office, Servicing Contractors, etc, in writing to advise them of our name and address so that all future invoices/ demands do not go astray, thereby causing delayed payments and/ or discontinuation of contracts.
  14. Supply THREE fully labelled sets of keys to K2K Properties – 2 for the tenants, the other to be held by the agent. Duplicate keys should not be left with any other third party.
  15. Advise us of any known problems, quirks about your property or equipment so that we may monitor or rectify as promptly as appropriate.
  16. Ensure the house and contents; especially the kitchen appliances are thoroughly clean. Decorate where necessary prior to departure. Ensure that gardens are left neat and tidy.
  17. Turn off refrigerators/freezers and LEAVE DOORS OPEN

Arrange For Your Mail To Be Re-directed By The Post Office

Important Note:
This is only a brief guide to the regulations. Further information and details are provided in our Terms of Business, and by asking a member of our staff. 

Terms & Conditions of Business

This brochure has been completed as a guide to Landlords, and does not form or is in any way a substitute to our Terms & Conditions of Business. 

Once instructions have been received to let your property, our Terms and Conditions of Business will be provided, detailing further services, charges and conditions for you to read and sign if you are in agreement.